I’m Jim Stichnoth, and I own and operate The 1st Church of Groove.  Some of my earliest memories are of listening intently to my siblings’ LPs on our parents’ console stereo.  Music and audio have been extremely important to me ever since.  I studied bass guitar, tuba, and voice at the university level, after years of guitar, piano, and low brass lessons.  Most of my jobs have been music, audio, and/or electronics related: record stores, hi-fi stores, instrumental music stores, road managing a rock band, audio and video technical services, broadcast engineering, live sound and lights, teaching music, and playing in gigging bands.  

The 1st Church of Groove is my third recording studio.  Prior to opening my first studio, I earned a degree in audio engineering from Full Sail in Winter Park, FL, and then interned at Reflection Sound Studio in Charlotte, NC, and Masterfonics in Nashville, TN.  At that time, Masterfonics owned The Tracking Room, and my time was split between the two buildings.  

After the building in which I had my second studio sold, I eventually found this defunct church, and my full-time job for the next 3 ˝ years became turning it into an exceptional recording studio.  It took much longer, and cost far more than I had imagined, and I learned far more about construction than I ever wanted to know, but when the dust settled, what I had built (with lots of help) exceeded my expectations.  All of this experience, as well as my desire to continue to strive for the exceptional, help me to produce quality results for my clients.  Why not call or email me to set up a tour?
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