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  • Carefully designed, irregularly shaped acoustic spaces are the starting point of the sonic integrity delivered at The 1st Church of Groove.
  • The Live Room was designed to facilitate huge drum sounds.  With an 11 foot ceiling, and 650 square feet of floor space, there is more than enough room for the development of lower frequencies, comfort of multiple musicians, and a big, fun feel.
  • The two Isolation Rooms both utilize independent floating floors, and two independent floating wall systems, with large windows, allowing constant line-of-site for all, so that, though the sounds are isolated, the musicians don't feel isolated from each other.
  • The Vocal Booth is more acoustically controlled, while again incorporating windows to allow visual cues to or from any band mate or the engineer.
  • All microphone, instrument, interconnect, snakes, and speaker cords are Monster Cable, providing higher integrity signal transfer.
  • All AC connections are made through Monster Cable's Monster Power devices, providing cleaner and more constant power at every stage, resulting in higher audio quality from the studio and clients' gear.
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